Epoxy Tooling System

The Miracon Epoxy Tooling systems provide a complete list of multipurpose epoxy compounds for different applications. There are gel coat systems, laminating systems, casting/backing systems, and a putties/modeling paste. Every epoxy system has a selection of various product types which can be matched to the specific requirements of the construction.

Electronic & Electrical System

This is the full list of Miracon resin and hardener products designed for electrical applications. These products have protective qualities like temperature resistance, insulation properties, full encapsulation system, and varying hardness to use in different kinds of electronic systems. Every epoxy-based product provides high-quality protection from simple to industrial-level electrical systems.

Building & Civil Engineering System

A comprehensive list of Miracon epoxy products for construction and engineering projects. The adhesives are effective jointing compounds in enhancing structural integrity. Flooring products are used to improve the quality of concrete floors in any building. Coating products have protective and chemical-resistant qualities to cover materials from concrete to steel. Lastly, the mortar and repair epoxy list are used to restore concrete to its original condition.