The Miracon Epoxy Tooling systems provide a complete list of multipurpose epoxy compounds for different applications. There are gel coat systems, laminating systems, casting/backing systems, and a putties/modeling paste. Every epoxy system has a selection of various product types which can be matched to the specific requirements of the construction.

Gel Coat Systems

Resin(A) Hardener(B)Packing (Set)Properties/DescriptionColourPot Life (Minutes)
Mirapox 002 A/B6kgEasily machined, polishableLight Green15 – 25
Mirapox 404-1AB11kgVery hard, abrasion resistant, good for foundryDark Blue12 – 16
Mirapox 404AB22kgVery hard, with medium abrasion resistanceDark Blue25 – 35
Mirapox 2418A

MH 5162B

11.5kgIron filled, machinable gel coat for pattern and metal forming tools. Suitable for thermo resistance tools up to 105ºCBlack35 – 45
Mirapox 3408AB1.1kgVery hard and abrasion resistance surface. Cannot be machined. Very good for repair of worn out metal partsGrey / Blue25 – 35
Mirapox 3407AB1.1kgSame as 3408 but lower in viscosity and can be coated like a solvent free epoxy coatingGrey / Blue25 – 35

Laminating and Multipurpose Systems

Resin(A) Hardener(B)Packing (Set)Properties/DescriptionColourPot Life (Minutes)
Mirapox 8950-1AB3kgHard, clear, doming applicationClear80 -100
Mirapox 8958-1AB3kgFlexible, clear, doming applicationClear200 – 300
Miracast 1516 A/B30kgLow viscosity laminating system and heat resistant up to 130ºCClear14 – 20
Mirapox M MH95625kgLow viscosity laminating systemClear25 -35
Mirapox 1000-5Ab600kgReinforcing of marble slabsClear14 – 20

Casting/Backing Systems

Resin(A) Hardener(B)Packing (Set)Properties/DescriptionColourPot Life (Minutes)
Miracast 1516 ABC45kg3 components casting system, medium viscosity and heat resistant up to 130ºC. Suitable for Heat resistant casting.Clear25 – 35
Miracast 428 AB20kgPolyurethane foam, good skinYellow4 – 8
Miracast 264-3 AB22.5kgHeat resistant system for vacuum forming moulds, foam moulds.Grey48 – 58
Miracast 251-35 AB7.5kgBulk casting system, low exothermBrown40 – 50
Mirathane 5117AB1.35kgGood Abrasion resistance, tough and durableBeige15 – 20
Mirathane 6414AB1.64kgGood Abrasion resistance, tough and durable, low viscosityBeige15 – 20
Mirathane FC52AB3kgFast cast polyurethane systemBeige4 – 10

Putties & Modelling Paste

Resin(A) Hardener(B)Packing (Set)Properties/DescriptionColourPot Life (Minutes)
Bondite 711 PuttyAB10kgMulti-purpose putty, suitable for model making, good gap filling and bonding propertiesCream Beige40 – 50
Mirapox 740AB10kgModelling paste, Hardness Shore D 40, easy to cut and mix, good adhesion, light weightMaroon50 – 70
Mirapox 760AB10kgModelling paste, Hardness Shore D 60, easy to cut and mix, good adhesion, light weightBlue30 – 50