Happy Chinese New Year 2018

Festive spirits soar high as Chinese New Year strolls around the corner. This occasion means new shirts, scrumptious food, cheery music, and of course the ubiquitous red packets, commonly known as “ang pow”. It is not unusual to see young children spout out strings of blessings in Chinese, followed by the expected “gong xi fa…

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Advantage of Epoxy Floors for Business

Ever walked in inside a building and immediately felt intimidated by how it looks? It could be something about the high ceiling, posh furniture, or the shiny floors. Among all these, the building’s floor is one of the most attractive parts of its interior. It easily defines the guest’s impression of the entire place. Imagine…

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Ideal Flooring Systems For The Food Industry

Companies who are a part of the food industry will be able to maintain a clean and sanitary floor always. There are standards imposed by the government that need to be followed especially if the company is engaged in food processing. Commercial kitchens and food factories regularly get inspections and must adhere to strict health…

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The Benefits of Epoxy Floor and it’s Application

Concrete flooring is the most common type of flooring in commercial and industrial buildings. Business owners often decide to coat their concrete floors with epoxy. Epoxy is primarily made up of two chemicals, resins and hardeners. A proper mixture of these chemicals will create epoxy which is a firm material. It’s the compound used to…

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