A comprehensive list of Miracon epoxy products for construction and engineering projects. The adhesives are effective jointing compounds in enhancing structural integrity. Flooring products are used to improve the quality of concrete floors in any building. Coating products have protective and chemical-resistant qualities to cover materials from concrete to steel. Lastly, the mortar and repair epoxy list are used to restore concrete to its original condition.


Resin(A) Hardener(B)Packing (Set)Properties/DescriptionColourPot Life (Minutes)
Mirapox 140-1 SL16kgEasy to lay 3 component self leveling floor from 2 mm on wards in one operationVarious45 – 55
Mirapox 140 MTR21kg3 component and or power float system available minimum 5 mm thick. Good compressive strength.Various45 – 55
Mirapox 140 multi layer system8kgFoolproof method of laying an epoxy floor from 2 mm on wards. Finish top can be smooth or rough.Various45 – 55
Mirapox 140 anti static system16kgSelf leveling antistatic epoxy system but must use in conjunction with antistatic primer 5095ASLimited45 – 55
Mirathane 1190AB6kgEasy to lay 2 component self leveling floor from 2 mm on wards in one operationVarious25 – 35
Mirathane 1191ABC20kg3 Component polyurethane flooring covering for use in areas where exceptional corrosion and abrasion resistance is requiredVarious70 – 120
Mirapox primer 5095AB7.5kgMulti purpose primer for dry concrete and other substrate.Clear38 – 43
Mirapox primer 8450AB7.5kgVery good adhesion for damp surfaces. Can be use as damp proof barrier coat.Brown45 – 55


Resin(A) Hardener(B)Packing (Set)Properties/DescriptionColourPot Life (Minutes)
Mirakote 953-2AB6kgTransparent, multipurpose system for dust proof coating and sealing of porous concreteClear55 – 75
Touch Dry
Mirakote 350AB23.4kgGood chemical resistance coal tar epoxyBlack/red250 – 300
Mirapox 240AB30kgLow viscosity laminating system for the protection of chemical sump. Top up with Mirakote 311-6ABBrown25 – 35
Mirakote 311-6AB5kgSolvent free system which comes in few viscosity range. Very good chemical resistance, glossy and hardVarious50 – 70
Mirakote 340-1AB5kgMulti purpose water base epoxy coating system. Water can be use for dilution if needed.Various60 – 90
Touch Dry
Mirakote 383AB6kgSolvent containing system for floor coating. Glossy and good abrasion resistance.Various90 – 130
Touch Dry
Mirakote 384AB6kgMatt finish solvent containing systemVarious15 – 25
Touch Dry
Mirakote 383AS6kgAntistatic coating for electronic factoryVarious90 – 130
Touch Dry
Primer 1030AB6kgMetal priming to prevent rustingWhite28 – 33
Primer 226910kgPolyurethane primer. Good penetrationAmber30
Touch Dry
Mirathane 3651AB3.8kgPolyurethane solvent containing paint. Good for outdoor applicationVarious15 – 35
Touch Dry
Mirakote 102620kgModified water based acrylic. Use as sealer for concreteClear150 – 200
Touch Dry
Miraroof 102220kgModified acrylic waterproofing compoundVarious50 – 60
Touch Dry


Resin(A) Hardener(B)Packing (Set)Properties/DescriptionColourPot Life (Minutes)
Bondite 711 Putty AB10kgMulti-purpose putty, suitable for model making, good gap filling and bonding propertiesCream Beige40 – 50
Mirapox 2928AB400gBolting and anchoring adhesive pack in cartridge for easy application.Grey8 – 15
Mirapox 918-17KAB1.4kgGood bond between treated rubber and ceramicClear25 – 35
Good bond between treated rubber and ceramic1.5kgStandard adhesive for concrete bonding and repairBrown40 – 55
Mirapox 929AB5kgEconomical general adhesive for civil engineering applicationsGrey45 – 55
Mirapox 938AB1.5kgUnder water adhesive. Application such as pipe bonding under submerge waterCream Beige35 – 45
Under water adhesive. Application such as pipe bonding under submerge water5kgGeneral adhesive for building and civil engineering applications. Good bond to most surfacesDark Brown60 – 100
Mirapox 2018AB5kgCarbon fibres laminatingBeige55 – 70
Mirapox 1015AB5kgSegmental bonding adhesive meeting FIP specificationGrey50 – 65
Mirapox 106AB1.8kgStructural adhesive epoxy baseBrown42 – 52
Mirapox 172 AB5kgTile sealing adhesive. Water cleanableVarious60 – 75
Mirapox 138AB1.4kgStructural adhesive for heat resistanceGrey25 – 35
Mirapox 8111 AB4.5kgGeneral standard adhesive for construction industry. No flow when cureGrey50 – 70
Mirapox 8130 AB5kgGood for new to old concrete adhesive. Also as primer for concrete and binder for epoxy repair compoundGrey50 – 70
Mirapox 2015AB200mlToughened epoxy for fibres laminating bondingBeige50 – 60

Mortars and Repairs

Resin(A) Hardener(B)Packing (Set)Properties/DescriptionColourPot Life (Minutes)
Mirapox 119-1ABC20kgAs bridge nosing giving excellent thermal expansion and construction propertiesBlack70 – 120
Mirapox 150AB10.5kgRepair mortar with good adhesion and strengthConcrete Grey40 – 60
Mirapox 22952ABC20kgGood for bridge bearing plinth. High compressive strength. Also good as repair mortarLight Brown50 – 60
Epilox 916AB7.5kgHair line crack injectionClear60 – 80
Mirapox 168-1AB10kgBacking compound for quarry crusher platesRed8 – 18
Mirabond 90020kgSynthetic rubber base use as waterproofing slurry and as tile adhesiveMilkySet in 24hrs
Miraseal200 litresModified polymer concrete curing compoundMilkySet in 24hrs
Mirapave ABC45kgNon shrink leveling compound in thin section. Good adhesion to wet and dry concreteCementSet in 24hrs
Quickset5 litresAccelerating the cure of cementClear2 – 3
Miragrout 123-2ABC20kgGrouting of machine baseAmber50 – 60
Thickseal 141-2AB5kgFor sealing and grouting of epoxy screedOpaque30 – 40